Earthpinas Wiki

Building on EarthPinas

Claiming Land Information

Claiming your land is essential to prevent unwanted visitors from building or taking things from your base. Claims are a square region of land, that prevent other players from breaking, building, slaying mobs or interacting with anything inside the protected region. All players receive '200 claiming blocks for every hour' from actively playing on EarthPinas.

How to Claim Land

Typing /kit claim will give you a golden shovel and stick, which will be used for claiming & checking land claims.

  1. To start claiming, hold onto your golden shovel in your main hand, and right-click on the ground for where you want your first corner of your claim to be.
  2. Continue holding onto the golden shovel, as you walk across to the second corner of your claim, and right-click the ground.
  3. You can also claim land by typing /claim [blocks]
  4. The size you input will correspond to the number of blocks from your current position to the new border of the claim.

Extending Claims

  • Claims can be resized by simply right-clicking the corners of your current claim (the golden blocks).
  • Claims can also easily be extended by typing /extendclaim [blocks]

Viewing Claims

Right-clicking the stick on blocks or distant land, will tell you whether that region has been claimed by someone else. The Gold blocks and glowstone shows the borders of the claim. Any subclaims are temporarly shown as iron blocks and wool.

Subdividing Claims

Subdividing claims is helpful if you want to split your large claim, into smaller individual claims, and allow trusted players to build within those claims, without having permission to interact with your large claim. For example, you have a town, and you want to allocate members of your town to plots in your town, without allowing them to build/break blocks outside their allocated plot of land, subdividing your large claim can achieve this.

  • Subclaims do not take up claiming blocks.
  • Subclaims are marked out using iron and wool blocks.
  • Only the owner of the main claim, is able to create subdivided claims.


  1. Use the same claiming method as mentioned before, except you must do it inside the claim you wish to have subdivided.
  2. To remove a subdivided claim, type /unclaim

Removing Claims

To delete a claim, simply type /unclaim while standing inside the claim you wish to abandon.

World Information

Overworld is 9k x 9k

  • The Overworld never resets and the world-border may increase in size over time.


  • The Nether world resets every month.


  • The End world resets every two months. This is to give all new players an opportunity to find fresh end world treasures.

Top Building Tips

  1. Terraform your land, plot out a foundation for your build, and create a mental map.
  2. Pick a block palette.
  3. Find inspiration from online. E.g. reddit, Instagram, etc.
  4. Work with your environment, not against it.
  5. Find a build theme that suits you the most.
  6. Claim land that is slightly larger than the actual size of your build, to allow for plenty of room for decoration.