Earthpinas Wiki

Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

How do I join the Catcraft Discord Server?

Click on the invitation link below to be directed to our discord server.

Reporting Issues

Bug Reports

If you notice a bug or glitch that requires the immediate attention of the staff, please contact the Owner in his Discord at direkjames#0627 or by sending it in the #staff-help channel in our Discord server.

Purchase Support

If you have any purchase related queries, please do not hesitate to contact the owner at direkjames#0627.

General Questions

If you have any minor issues or concerns, feel free to let any active staff member on the server know by send it in the #staff-help channel.

Player Reports

If you notice a player breaking the server rules, please contact the staff by creating a ticket at #ticket on our discord server. Do not DM the owner regarding player reports.

Ban Appeals

All ban appeals may be made here

Minecraft FAQ

What is the server ip?

How do I get more claim blocks?

All players receive 200 claiming blocks per hour of active playing on the server. You can also get more claim blocks in the Vote Crate.

I forgot to /sethome my house!

If you had claimed the land around your house, you may do /claimlist to see the coordinates of your house. If you forgot to claim your land, you may DM the owner and he will do his best to find your home.

How do I remove a sethome?

Type /delhome (home) to remove a home that you previously set.

Am I allowed to loot/grief if the place is unclaimed?

No. Any form of griefing/looting/stealing is against the server rules. Abandoned claims may only be removed by staff. Contact staff if you have any questions in the channel #staff-help on discord.

Are there custom enchantments on the server?

No, there are no custom enchantments.

Can you mine spawners?

Yes. All players are able to mine zombie spawners. All vanilla spawners can be mined.

How do I create a guild?

For a list of commands available for guilds, type /guild in-game.

How do I get a Donor rank?

Donor ranks can only be bought on the official EarthPinas store (

How do I report a grief?

To report a grief on the Minecraft server, create a support ticket on the discord server, under the #ticket channel, by clicking Report Player.


How and where do I appeal my punishment?

  • You have the chance to appeal any punishments provided by staff. You can visit our discord server for support and ban appeals found here. Click the emoji to file a ticket.

How do I report a player breaking the rules?

  • Please join our discord server here and open a new support ticket channel by clicking the emoji. You do not have to wait for staff to reply here, instead provide as much evidence as you have of the player and which rules are broken from the list above.

Who is a player and who does above rules apply to?

  • Everyone playing on EarthPinas Minecraft server or anyone part of our discord server is a player regardless of rank.

How do I make a suggestion for the rules?

  • If you have any ideas or concerns regarding to the rules above, you can click here to make a rule suggestion.

Who are server staff?

  • Anyone who holds the Trial-Helper, Helper, Mod, Dev, Admin or Owner rank is considered server staff.