Earthpinas Wiki

First of all, welcome to EarthPinas! To get you going we've written up a wiki that should guide you towards creating your own experience. In this wiki we cover things from claiming your base, to making money.

First Things First

After joining the server, we always advise to use the following commands:

  • /rules
  • /wiki
  • /discord

Getting out of Spawn

You can get out of spawn by typing /rtp go or walk towards the Random Teleport portal.

2021-08-29 16.09.57.png

Getting Materials

When you need materials, you could get those in the Survival World. You can also get Iron, Gold, Stone, Cobblestone, and Lapis Lazuli in the /warps MineCave.

2021-08-29 15.02.17.png

You can also get resources by buying them from the shop using:

  • /shop (COMING SOON)

What to do next?

You can check these following topics: