Earthpinas Wiki

There are multiple ways to make money on the server. After just joining, the easiest way to make money is from using:

  • /jobs to join a job and make money that way.
  • /quests to do some quests. (COMING SOON)
  • /shop to sell items you've gathered from the server.
  • /vote to vote for the server and earn $1,000 and a key per vote.
  • /daily to claim your daily reward.

Chat Reactions (COMING SOON)

Sometimes there are typing competitions popping up in the chat. You can also make money this way. The person that is the quickest in responding with the correct answer earns $5,000.


If you are in Journeyman rank and above, you can open your shop here and sell your items. You can also buy items from other players.

To learn more, go to Marketplace.