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This section is devoted to the incredible staff that helps keep EarthPinas safe, maintained, bug-free, and enjoyable for everyone.

Moderating Staff Team Information

The moderating team on EarthPinas consist of Helpers, Moderators, and Administrators.

Helpers offer friendly guidance towards players with answering questions concerning the server, removing unwanted guests, and keeping the Minecraft+discord chat clean.

Moderators focus further on bringing awareness to grief issues, removing hackers/cheaters, and responding to support tickets on the discord server.

Administrators primarily focus on fixing grief issues, resolving ban appeals, settling all cases bought over by mods, and reporting server-wide concerns to the server owner.

Creators Staff Team Information

The creators staff team consists of builders and creative writers.

Builders design and decorate builds for EarthPinas. The Head-Builder plans, organizes, and, communicates directly with the builders to carry out the server owner's plan for an upcoming event.

Creative Writers type up names and descriptions for event-specific crate items on EarthPinas.

Current Moderating Staff Team

Updated 22nd Aug 2021





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